In the realm of paediatric and neonatal care, every second counts. The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) stands as a beacon of hope, swiftly transporting critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialised care. With a clinically designed helicopter serving as a flying intensive care unit, TCAA is revolutionising the landscape of […]

The Delta Group, Europe’s premier visual communications specialist delivering dynamic award-winning multi-channel marketing services to brands, retailers, and studios across the globe, today announced the acquisition of FEREF, the original entertainment marketing agency, responsible for creating content for the world’s leading film, TV and toy companies since 1968. The strategic acquisition will accelerate The Delta […]

The Delta Group was able to support Paddington Arts in a unique local project in the Paddington area of London recently. British Land campus Paddington Central hosted the finale exhibition. Local art organisation Paddington Arts worked with three local Primary Schools and introduced over 300 children aged 9 to 11 to the world of photography […]

In pursuit of further positive change for the planet, I’ve heard some common myths and misconceptions throughout my career, both in the workplace and in my personal life. We must break these.  False information risks preventing people from taking those crucial steps to help lower their carbon footprint. There has been an abundance of short-termism […]

Embarking on your sustainability journey as a business can be an intimidating endeavour at first. With so many resources on the topic, it can be difficult to know where to begin. As PrintWeek’s Environmental Company of the Year 2022, here are 10 starting points we at Delta would recommend as your starting foundation blocks, helping [...]

The driving force behind any socially positive activity at Delta is our people. Their sense of community is what inspires them to gather together and act for change. As an organisation of community driven people, we are continuing our commitment to the Delta Net Zero people strategy this World Environment and World Ocean’s Day.   […]

The Delta Group is proud to be working in partnership with The First Love Foundation in helping thousands of people facing crisis to get their lives back on track. Their holistic model of support has been cited by the APPG on Hunger and Poverty (2014) as the most effective in tackling poverty anywhere in the […]

Brief Kleenex wanted to create an informative campaign, letting consumers know of the  benefits of their Balsam tissues. Poorly noses could rely on the soft balm of  Kleenex Balsam tissues to soothe the skin. Kleenex approached Delta with a need  to create adaptable key visuals that can turn into full promotional kit and artwork  to […]

A guide to the Plastic Packaging Tax Running a business in 2022 isn’t easy. Customers expect a lot. Competition is fierce. And the responsibilities are huge – not least the need to ‘go green’. Many businesses have already taken steps to reduce their environmental impact. This year, the government is also taking new steps to […]

Delta is delighted to have won PrintWeek 2022’s Environmental Company of the Year (large enterprise) for our Delta Net Zero strategy. We are deeply committed to the ongoing ethical and sustainable treatment of the environment and communities in which we are operating. We aim to make a positive contribution to society and the environment by […]