4 retail trends changing the customer experience in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many consumers to find new ways to shop. This led to a surge in new retail trends and retailers keen to find innovative ways to boost consumer loyalty.

According to an article on Retail Insight Network, here are three trends retailers should be aware of in 2021 (plus one we think should be on brand and retailers’ radars, too):

1. Personalisation

Today’s consumer expects – no, demands – personalisation. A survey by marketing company Epsilon suggests that 80% of consumers expect personalisation from retailers.

Personalisation allows retailers to cut through the noise to give customers what they want – essentially, more choice and more recommendations. It also encourages customers to be more emotionally invested, engaged and loyal.

From digital touchscreen displays giving customers the information they need in-store (more about that below), to customised delivery and tracking information – retailers need to make sure they share information that is accurate, relevant and of value to the customer.

2. Automation

One of the challenges for retailers caused by the pandemic was fewer staff on the ground. That has meant that chatbots, digital shopping assistants and self-serve technology are all playing a more important role in the consumer journey.

Not only does this technology empower customers and reduce the reliance on customer service teams, it also allows retailers to cut costs while building a better digital connection with their customers.

AI technology also means retailers can be precisely where their customers are, serving them 24/7 and allowing them greater autonomy.

3. Multi-channel servicing

Offering customers an item cheaper and faster is no longer enough to keep them loyal.

Today’s consumer wants a fully connected experience, shifting effortlessly between mobile device, app, desktop and back again. Retailers need to build these immersive online experiences cross-platform and multi-channel, at the same time as giving customers timely, relevant updates.

4. Touchless digital signage

Touchless in-store displays improve the customer experience and give retailers greater insight into consumer purchasing preferences. By moving away from traditional interactive digital signage and towards touchless technology (where customers interact via their mobile device), cross contamination concerns are dealt with and in-store shopping becomes more personalised.

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