Boots launches UK’s first protein shake vending machine

In what is claimed to be a UK first, Boots – one of our clients – has launched a protein shake vending machine in its Wellness & Health store in Manchester.

As KamCity reports, the machine has been developed by Bio-Synergy, a sports nutrition brand. It mixes freshly-made shakes for consumers, much like an on-the-go coffee machine. 

Shoppers can choose from six different flavours, which include plant-based and dairy shakes, at a cost of £3 per drink.

The company explained how the shakes make the perfect pre- or post-workout beverage, or as a protein-rich alternative to high-calorie, high-sugar snacks and drinks.

The machine appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer, as shakes are decanted into 50% rPET recyclable cups. There’s also the option for consumers to bring their own reusable cups.

The brand also claims that the machines are more sustainable compared to traditional ready to drink (RTD) beverage packages. This is because, “thanks to the use of 1kg protein pouches with a two-year shelf life, the vending machines save water, produce more drinks per kg and reduce waste.”

Bio-Synergy has announced plans to grow the concept further in the retail space in the coming months. It will also look to launch in forecourts and in gyms. 

Protein shakes were traditionally seen as a drink for sports people, athletes and gym goers. But as Daniel Herman, Bio-Syngery’s co-founder explains: “It’s amazing the varied customers we get now, who are choosing to enhance their wellbeing and fitness through sports nutrition and supplementation.”

Herman added that his brand is delighted to offer a high-quality shake that can be enjoyed on the move and fit in with shoppers’ busy lifestyles. He concluded: “With demand at an all-time high, our goal is to have a protein shake vending machine next to every coffee and hot drinks machine. Let the sports nutrition revolution begin!”

Health and wellbeing is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, so Boots is doing right to capitalise on this trend by rolling out protein shake vending machines within its stores. If you need help refreshing your strategy to match consumers’ ever-evolving needs and behaviours, get in touch with The Delta Group today.