How influencers are making over cosmetic marketing

Influencers are changing the face of the beauty industry. TV and magazine ads no longer hold the power – instead, it has shifted into the hands of social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube. 

These individuals can essentially make or break a beauty product or brand, and the marketing industry is taking notice.

Not that the concept of influencers is particularly new, as Cosmetics Business points out. Brands have been using celebrities to promote their products for years. The difference, however, is that social media influencers are chosen by consumers rather than the brands themselves.

These beauty influencers are shaking up the industry, often challenging mainstream, conventional beauty for more inclusivity and ‘out there’ styles.

Some of the biggest Instagram influencers include Huda Kattan, Nyane Lebajoa, and James Charles. Product endorsement from any of these names can mean a significant (often overnight) sales upturn. 

Equally, there is also potential for influencers to cause serious damage to a brand. 

This shift of power away from beauty brands towards influencers has given cosmetic marketing a serious shake-up. Traditional notions of beauty have been left behind in favour of difference, diversity and individuality.

Big-name beauty influencers might hold significant sway in terms of numbers, but influencers with fewer followers can have a real impact on certain demographics.

Compared to their better-known Instagram counterparts, micro-influencers bring authenticity to the table. And while they might not have as many followers, the engagement rate among those followers can often be remarkably high. In other words, they are speaking a language that their audience understands and their followers are actively listening.

Influencers of all shapes and sizes offer brands a crucial link direct to the consumer. As a result, they don’t just respond to the needs of the market, they help shape it.

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