Retail therapy boosts consumers’ spirits

The global pandemic has meant retail will never be the same again. The strong surge in eCommerce during the Covid outbreak had a huge impact on the high street, but also helped lift spirits among lonely Brits.

According to a YouGov survey of 2,000 people, shared by The i, more than half of British consumers said their mental health suffered during the pandemic. Nearly a quarter said they used online shopping as a coping mechanism.

Speaking about the survey’s findings, Sabrina Spielberger, founder of Digidip, the advertising technology group that commissioned the research said: “The last year has been incredibly tough for many people […] but online shopping has allowed people to find small amounts of gratification.”

However, she highlighted that the expectation was that “a large number of people” would head back to physical stores now restrictions have eased.

Online retail therapy might have boosted customers’ spirits during lockdown, but it’s physical retail therapy many shoppers now crave.

After a year of lockdowns and loneliness, customers are desperate to connect once again. Digital retail experiences – while a comfort over the past 12 months – are too impersonal for many consumers and lack that human, personal touch. Shoppers are increasingly keen to experience the more natural, immersive, personalised experience of bricks-and-mortar retail.

Research by customer relationship platform HubSpot reveals that more than half of UK shoppers are keen to return in-store after more than a year of having to do the majority of their shopping online. Over half (52%) of those questioned said they want to shop in person again, while just 22% want to buy online.

As Christian Kinnear, senior vice president and managing director, EMEA, at HubSpot explained, retailers need to ensure consumers are able to engage with them “in a human way.”

He continued: “While the pandemic forced everyone online, the re-opening will be about balancing digital services with the human touch we’ve all been craving.”

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