The role of digital signage in the post-Covid retail landscape

The Covid-19 pandemic clearly impacted in-store consumer traffic. But with the continued success of the UK’s vaccination programme, consumer footfall on the high street is on the up, with customers feeling more comfortable about heading back through the doors of physical retail stores.

Pent-up demand has meant bricks-and-mortar retail is enjoying a resurgence. And that has led to retailers seeking ways to deploy new technology to boost business, attract new customers and increase brand loyalty.

Digital signage fits the bill perfectly. And in a post Covid-19 landscape, digital signage is proving to be more important than ever. Not only will we see digital signage continue to be used to promote products, services and offers, it will also increasingly be used to share information on policies and expectations for in-store shoppers. Having the ability to change messaging from a centralised location in real time makes digital signage the ideal choice for retailers looking for technology that is a differentiator.

Retailers are continually looking for ways to increase the length of time consumers stay in front of (and interact with) digital screens. They also have to be aware of changing consumer behaviour.

As a result, we will see the technology shift up a gear, moving away from interactive touchscreen displays towards greater interactivity through a shopper’s mobile device. This touchless retail display technology not only benefits the customer experience, it also offers retailers greater insight when it comes to purchase analytics.

In short, this new technology allows retailers to transform their digital displays at the same time as addressing cross-contamination concerns.

Contrary to what some retailers believe, not all digital signage is made equal. The quality of screens and the technology powering them can differ hugely.

In the quest for innovation and increased sales, retailers need to take their time when choosing a digital signage platform. They should also seek the support of the experts.

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