Andrew Lake, Head of Innovation at the Delta Group, has written an article for the Drum discussing the key things retailers need to consider when creating an eye-catching window display designed to draw in new customers! Check out a snippet from the feature here:

Today, front window displays are considered the most essential platform for retailers to highlight their latest products in a unique, exciting way in order to draw in customers who might not be familiar with their store.

The window display, if used effectively, can bring in new customers, enhance the image or brand of your business, help improve customer loyalty and, above all, be an incredibly powerful tool used to increase sales.

A January 2017 survey by found that 68% of US consumers said their primary location for making impulse buys was “in person, in a store.”

In other words, two-thirds of the decisions to buy are made when the consumer is out shopping. When people are looking in your window there is, therefore, a massive opportunity to influence whether they purchase from you or from someone else. When they are enticed to enter that’s where it starts – using the power of displays, signage, movement, interactivity, lighting and colour you can really drive conversion and an increase in sales.

So what are some of the most important things to remember, and do, in order to win the battle of the window display?

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