We are deeply committed to the ongoing ethical and sustainable treatment of the environment and communities in which we are operating.

We aim to make a positive contribution to society and the environment by advising our clients how to embed sustainable practices into their communications as well as improving our own business practices, and are proud to support Delta Net Zero.


Our Net-Zero sustainability initiatives are the proud winners of the following high profile awards

Delta Collaborate determines how we work with clients to innovate and experiment, to find new and creative ways to make a tangible differences and achieve sustainability goals. This first workstream also provides a framework for putting these innovations to work in the real world and measuring their impact so you can speak with confidence to your consumers, investors and to regulators about the sustainability of your activities. 

Delta Supply is all about how we work with our extensive supply chain to ensure the materials we use are responsibly sourced, that we use as little energy as possible, and that energy comes from renewable sources and that our waste management programmes not only avoids damaging the environment but can actually enhance it. This workstream is where we measure our own performance against our sustainability goals and have those measures verified by independent and accredited organisations. 

Delta People guides how we engage with the people in our organisation and our community while conducting our business with integrity. It is here we align ourselves with the United Nations goals for equality and well-being for everyone. 


We are proud to place people at the very heart of our business


We are committed to giving back to our community and eager to help those in need. In our current work, we support two organisations: The First Love Foundation and Future Frontiers.

Future Frontiers, an award-winning charity, provides career counselling and advice to students from low-income backgrounds in London. Future Frontiers’ mission is to provide disadvantaged youth with the information, skills, and mindsets they need to achieve their career ambitions and remain motivated.

Through our employee volunteer program, donations, and involvement at events, we support First Love Foundation in addition to Future Frontiers. Based in London, the foundation provides advice, support, and emergency food to people in crisis, enabling them to get back on their feet quickly.


The Delta Group’s greatest asset is its people. Being comfortable and happy at work is essential since we spend most of our day there, therefore to support the wellbeing of our employees, we offer various team initiatives.

We provide our employees with a Wellbeing Centre full of tools and resources. Our articles, videos, and discounts are organised into four areas – Move, Munch, Money & Mind. We cover fitness, healthy eating, financial assets, and mental health.

Our popular staff retailer discounts and savings schemes, Supersid, are available at your favourite high street stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and cinemas!

All our offices have trained Mental Health First Aiders. You, or someone you care about, may contact the Mental Health First Aiders if experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress.

The Delta Group Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all Delta Group Employees and their families. EAP services include free counselling, either in person, online, or by telephone.