Flying High: Supporting the Children’s Air Ambulance

In the realm of paediatric and neonatal care, every second counts. The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) stands as a beacon of hope, swiftly transporting critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialised care. With a clinically designed helicopter serving as a flying intensive care unit, TCAA is revolutionising the landscape of emergency medical services for the youngest and most vulnerable patients. Unlike many other essential services, TCAA does not rely on government funding. Instead, it operates solely on the generosity of donations and the dedication of volunteers.

Our Executive Chairman, Mike Phillips, emphasises our shared commitment to making a difference, “As our partnership with the Children’s Air Ambulance grows, so does our dedication to making a difference. At Delta, we believe in the power of community support and are committed to amplifying our impact on the lives of children and families facing medical emergencies. Through our financial contributions, employee volunteer program, and creative expertise, we aim to create a lasting change and support TCAA’s mission of saving lives every day.”

Starzeus Hassan-McGhee, The Delta Group’s Sustainability Director states “ As part of our Delta Net Zero initiative is believing in the power of community support and lending a helping hand to those in need. As part of our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, we have developed a partnership with the Children’s Air Ambulance. Through this partnership, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children facing medical emergencies”.

Our involvement with TCAA goes beyond financial contributions, we also have an established employee volunteer program, empowering our team members to participate in fundraising events. By harnessing the collective effort of our workforce, we strive to amplify our support and create lasting change in the communities we serve.

Jo Payne, the National Partnerships Manager at The Children’s Air Ambulance, expresses her gratitude for the collaboration, stating, I am really excited about the partnership with the team at Delta, it’s so diverse and has endless possibilities across many areas of the Charity.  As well as the much-valued financial contributions from Delta and the staff joining in with our challenge events, the creativity and expertise will be transformational for the charity in 2024 and beyond.

Our journey with the Children’s Air Ambulance began in December 2023 with a successful Christmas Raffle that raised over £3,000. Since then, our dedication to supporting TCAA has only grown stronger, throughout 2024 we are planning to partake in a multitude of events to support the Children’s Air Ambulance. Most recently, we donated 2,000 reusable, insulated bottles to their dedicated staffs and volunteers who work tirelessly to save lives every day.