Case Study: Kimberly Clark Kleenex


Kleenex wanted to create an informative campaign, letting consumers know of the  benefits of their Balsam tissues. Poorly noses could rely on the soft balm of  Kleenex Balsam tissues to soothe the skin. Kleenex approached Delta with a need  to create adaptable key visuals that can turn into full promotional kit and artwork  to raise awareness with customers during the Cold and Flu season.


Using our creative agency’s expertise, we designed key art concepts, emphasizing  the main product features and incorporating the headline “95% of noses said  Balsam protected them from redness”.

We also created various stocker options which display the tissue boxes and smaller  counter-top units for the pocket size packs.

The campaign and final artworks were received very positively by the client  after we collaborated with our Structural Team to create the bespoke items  and make sure they were weight tested before going into stores.