How retailers can win back lockdown shoppers

The first lockdown inspired many shoppers to try out new retail brands. In fact research from Braze, cited by Retail Week, shows that 80% of people who have made a purchase since March 2020 have been new customers. 

But these new customers aren’t loyal; retention rates stooped to just 3.32% after three months. That compares to 7.86% during ‘normal times’. 

So, just how can retailers win back these new customers now and in the new year? Retail Week offers some tips:

Engage early on 

Communicating with shoppers soon after purchase is key to retention. James Manderson from Braze says brands that did this at the start of lockdown enjoyed four times higher retention rates over a 30-day period as a result.

Retargeting campaigns, which involve ads that track browsers or buyers onto different web pages reminding them of certain services and products, can be highly successful. As can push messaging, provided shoppers opt-in to receiving this form of communication. 

Adopt a multichannel approach 

You will confuse customers if your channels don’t join up, and it could put them off shopping with you in future. In contrast, a multichannel approach which reaches shoppers via mobile, email and desktop is far more effective when it comes to re-engagement. 

Manderson recommends tapping into underused channels, like web push notifications. Retailer Anthropologie took this approach; it initially pushed purely text-based messaging, but over time added graphics and product images and experienced click-through rates 22% higher than the average for the sector, and 17.5% higher conversion rates.

Reward loyalty 

A lot of retailers offer big incentives for consumers to make their initial purchase, but few offer any beyond that experience. So, think about extra benefits you can offer that will inspire loyalty, such as free delivery.

Demonstrate empathy 

Shoppers want retailers to show empathy during these hard times and are actively seeking out brands with views aligned with theirs. Braze found that shoppers are 1.7 times more likely to purchase from brands that successfully demonstrate human communication. 

This is particularly important to millennials; 41% said they are likely or extremely likely to shun a brand if their customer or staff responses during the pandemic doesn’t align with what they feel is important. 

The key here is to be genuine, as shoppers can sniff out faux empathy. Nike is a good example here: its ‘Play for the World’ campaign reinforced the message that we must do our bit and play inside. Its ad showed images and videos of people, including top athletes, working out at home, to inspire others to do the same.

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