Shoppers welcome omnichannel retail experiences

The year 2020 changed our shopping habits for good – and for forward-thinking retailers, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to embrace. 

The new Shop Safely Survey, from online booking firm Appointedd, shows that customers are welcoming virtual shopping experiences more than ever before.  

Shoppers express enthusiasm for engaging with retailers across several channels, even within a single transaction. This could mean, for example, reserving or buying an item online, then collecting it in person during a specified time slot – cutting queues, and reducing Covid risks. 

As another lockdown forces the retail sector to consider how it can adapt to changing times, it’s encouraging to see that customers are ready to adapt too.

Virtual shopping experiences

One innovative way in which retailers can attract customers is through virtual shopping experiences. The survey suggests that an increasing number of customers are intrigued by these. 

The first Shop Safely Survey, conducted in June 2020 as retailers re-opened their doors after the first lockdown, showed that 20% of respondents were interested in attending a Zoom shopping experience, either alone or with friends. By the time of the second survey, published in December 2020, that figure had risen to 30%.

And it looks as though many of the innovations that retailers are introducing are set to stay. Almost half of all shoppers thought they would not return to their previous level of in-store shopping, even after the pandemic is brought under control. They’re more likely to shop locally, and 70% want online booking for guaranteed entry slots to bricks-and-mortar shops.

So it’s clear that virtual and omnichannel retail will be the big success story of this new era for shops. The challenge now for retailers is how to make this as seamless as possible for customers. 

The Delta Group’s omnichannel service

At the Delta Group, our omnichannel marketing model provides clients with a broad range of impactful visual communications to enable them to seize the opportunities of this new world of retail.

We can help your business identify and utilise the right technologies to enhance the experience you offer to your customers. With our knowledge, skills and tools, your business can deliver a truly innovative and enriching service that meets the needs of today’s shoppers. Contact us today.