Global survey reveals surge in consumer confidence

Retailers aren’t just seeing a few shoppers returning to physical stores – consumers are returning in significant numbers as Covid restrictions start to ease.

According to a new survey by on-premise media solutions company Mood Media, 80% of consumers feel either ‘somewhat comfortable’ or ‘very comfortable’ about going into bricks-and-mortar stores again. That figure has risen from 71% in 2020.

Mood Media’s Shopper Sentiments: A June 2021 Global Mood Survey, which was carried out in the UK, US, France and China, shows consumer confidence is growing around the world.

Six in ten of those questioned expect their shopping habits to have returned to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, 21% said their shopping habits had already returned to pre-Covid levels.

At the other end of the scale, the findings were also encouraging – just 5% of shoppers said they didn’t feel ‘comfortable at all’ about returning to the high street.

Physical stores continue to add value to the shopping experience. Nearly half (45%) of those surveyed said the thing they missed most about shopping during lockdown was the ability to touch and try on items in store. 

The experience of shopping with friends and family (35%), along with the ability to take an item home immediately (35%), were also cited as having been missed when shops were closed.

Since the pandemic began, consumers have enjoyed closer links between physical and digital retail. For example, 33% stated they plan to continue using click and collect in the future.

The survey also found that, in spite of months of uncertainty, consumer spending is increasing. Just under one third (29%) of respondents in June 2021 reported a rise in their spending, compared to 23% in September 2020.

Speaking about the findings, Scott Moore, global CMO at Mood Media said: “We’re experiencing a healthy buzz as shops reopen to a ‘new normal’ throughout the world.”

He continued: “The pandemic placed pressure on stores to innovate at a faster pace, leading to an accelerated ‘physical’ evolution which merges the physical and digital shopping experience.

“The survey highlights key physical trends that will be a focus for retailers and the customer journey beyond the here and now.”

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