Safely reopening your business with digital signage and wayfinding technology

As business premises start to reopen once again after months of shut-downs, managers face fresh challenges when it comes to logistics and public safety. 

From health checks to social distancing, dispensers and traffic control, Security Magazine writes that running a facility in a post-coronavirus world ‘means a lot more moving pieces than pre-pandemic and looks to be that way for the foreseeable future.’ 

Thankfully, technology can help businesses overcome challenges related to post-Covid operations. One example is digital signage, which can help limit the risks of in-person operations and ensure businesses can continue to run smoothly whatever the future may hold. 

Begin at the entrance 

Installing digital signage at the store entrance can significantly enhance and manage inward traffic flow, meaning you can enforce and adhere to social distancing guidelines while suggesting the best routes for customers to get to where they want to be.

Visitors can also harness the technology on smartphones or tablets as they navigate around the premises, with QR codes populating wayfinding directions or product information via a web browser. Used in this way, mobile linked with signage technology can help ensure people continue to adhere to guidelines in-store, while streamlining navigation, reducing touchpoints and improving safety. 

Inside the premises 

Of course, Covid-19 doesn’t stop at the entrance, so you need signage solutions for controlling viral spread within your premises too. Extra options for interactive wayfinding can help in managing visitor capacity and control traffic flow around the space, guaranteeing peace of mind while allowing ample space and direction for social distancing. 

Wayfinding technology can show routes for visitors to follow to help minimise wandering and interactions. Again, using mobile technology, visitors can directly access these routes from their mobile devices, and businesses can also use the technology to deliver push notifications with updates, alerts and even promotions.

Communication remains key 

In the competitive world of retail, technology integrations that improve communications are more important than ever. As government policies change and the requirements for premises shift, it’s crucial to highlight public health guidelines, as well as risk management and screening procedures – for customers and employees alike.

With software, digital signage can be an effective platform in delivering these messages, with options for remote management and editing, real-time notifications and touch-free interaction. 

Wayfinding solutions together with mobile solutions, can provide the first step to communicating messages to customers. Content management software can integrate desktop and mobile notification systems into employee workstations and visitor devices, providing instant communication for urgent changes that need to be made.

This digital reminder system can help to make sure guidelines and navigation are enforced and also tell front-line workers where there is an exposure or if there’s a need to react quickly. Also, as people use their own devices to navigate the premises, their directions, information and reminders can all be referenced in a central location to streamline experiences. 

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