Thinking DTC? Think lifestyle and long-term relationships

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a decade’s worth of ecommerce growth into just 12 months. As a result, brands are facing a new reality.

Direct to consumer (DTC) is part of this new reality, and some DTC-focused brands are doing better than others. But contrary to what you might think, there’s more to DTC success than just being digital first. It’s the brands that are shifting the nature of DTC away from purely ecommerce towards lifestyle and building long-term relationships that are thriving.

After all, if an experience helps someone reach their goals, it’s going to be more memorable than one that doesn’t, argues The Drum.

A year of lockdowns and restrictions have seen many people learning new skills and taking up new hobbies. For brands, this opens up a range of opportunities to tap into those aspirations by creating experiences with greater meaning.

Whether someone’s new-found passion is for coffee, crochet or cooking, there’s a DTC brand waiting in the wings to inspire that individual (and deliver a simple, seamless experience, of course). Here’s how they’re doing it.

Enriching the retail experience

The secret to DTC success is letting products find the customer – not the other way round.

That means curated collections and in-feed experiences served up direct to potential customers via social media channels. By doing so, you’re placing products in front of customers before the intent to shop has even formed.

And there’s an argument to say the more unexpected these placements are, the better. Live streaming on platforms such as TikTok, for example, allows you to tap into certain passions (fashion, dance, food) and present products within a relevant context but also seemingly out of the blue.

Taking fulfilment to the next level

Fast delivery and easy returns are deemed essential by most shoppers. Unboxing experiences are rife. But packaging also offers a simple way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Connected packaging merges the digital with the physical. By scanning a QR code on a parcel, customers can connect with content that helps them get the most out of a product.

Sustainability is an issue that many consumers hold dear, so even just the simple process of collecting empty packaging can help you align your values with those of your customers.

Collaborating to connect passion points

The collective power of a community is a force to be reckoned with. If you can tap into that power, you can create word of mouth marketing opportunities unlike any other.

Brand collaborations are nothing new, but they are becoming more unpredictable in DTC and connecting different passion points. Nike’s collaboration with Momofuku, a noodle bar popular with the skate community, tapped into the passion points of this community, while Colgate’s collaboration with Supreme created a toothpaste designed to appeal to a younger audience.

Using an intelligent feed to tailor content

Creating frictionless retail experiences requires an in-depth understanding of customers. First-party data allows brands and retailers to mine insights and create experiences across the funnel.

Building an intelligent feed on your website allows that data to be captured and tailored content – based on customer interactions – to be surfaced.

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