Three ways to maximise digital signage

Digital signage is a great way to grab people’s attention. But how do you keep it?

Life is full of distractions, from phones and social media to kids and other people, making it hard to stay focused. Within the retail environment, you have all these distractions plus other brands and retailers vying for customers’ attention.

The secret is knowing how to get the most from your digital signage efforts. Digital Signage Today suggests three tips to get you started.

Beef up your content

The first – and some might say simplest – way to maximise your digital signage is by adding more content. If your signage is only displaying a couple of pieces of content at any one time, you’re not making the most of the digital element.

By creating multiple pieces of content that rotate on a regular basis, you are more likely to display content that appeals and is relevant to your customers. Also, the physical action of the display changing will make people take notice.

Saying that, you can’t just create your content and forget about it. If you want it to be effective, you’ll need to keep it fresh and up-to-date. Think about information that will be the most useful, relevant, and significant to the audience.

Add audio into the mix

Visuals are good. But the combination of sound and visuals is even better, elevating the customer experience up a notch or three. By appealing to the ears as well as the eyes, you’re making content that is instantly more interesting.

Adding audio could mean anything from playing videos alongside your content, to adding audio on top of advertising content to help customers locate products in the store. 

However, try not to get too carried away with the audio element. Too much noise could become yet another distraction and annoy customers. Think carefully about the location of the signage, the space you are working with, and volume levels.

Entertain: Give people what they want

Digital signage isn’t just about selling items, it’s something that helps you connect with your customers. If the sole purpose of your signage is to push sales messages to your customers, they’ll soon become bored. 

Instead, you need to entertain. Think about the hook and the narrative, keeping videos short (TikTok-style), and integrating with social media and other user-generated content.

At Delta Group, we can help you create digital signage content that gives your customers exactly what they want. Get in touch to find out more.